Google Announces The Launch Of New Mobile Algorithm

It was always expected to happen but it finally happened in the year 2014. This is the year when mobile traffic took over desktop traffic on Internet. Google has always said that it takes mobile friendliness into account while ranking a web page is on its search engine but it was not such a big ranking factor. The previous algorithm for mobile was launched in the year 2013 when the search engine launched its mobile ranking demotion algorithm.

This new algorithm is an extension of that particular algorithm. However, Google has never been so forthcoming about any upcoming algorithm as this one. Many Webmasters are of the opinion that this algorithm is going to make significant changes in the search engines. It is also important to note here that this algorithm is going to affect results only in the mobile search results and it is going to be launched on Apple 21, 2015.

The April 2015 update; Google is also making some other changes in its mobile results. It will now start including and ranking content from various mobile apps that are present in the android store. However, mobile app rankings will be available only for the mobile search results and only to those who are signed in and have that app installed.

As far as the mobile friendly algorithm is concerned, it is going to take into account the mobile friendliness of the website. It is going to give a score to each website in terms of friendliness for mobiles. This factor is going to be a huge element in the overall calculation of the search engine results. Google has also provided Webmasters with a separate tool where they can check whether their website is mobile friendly or not. This change is being launched simultaneously all around the world and it will impact all the languages in which Google provides search.

Google has also issued separate mobile guidelines for Webmasters to optimize their website for mobile search results. Many studies conducted to study the conversion rates on mobile devices show that conversion rates are drastically lower as compared to desktop is. However, the mobile search share in the overall search market is increasing every day.

Google has said that it is launching this update to ensure that users are able to find high quality and relevant search results that are already optimized for their mobile devices. Many Webmasters are of the opinion that Google is making these changes to force webmasters to make their websites mobile friendly as more people start using mobile for search.