By Australian Digital Marketing Agency eSavvyMarketing:

At face value it seems like a digital marketing agency is mainly focused on SEO. In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth, because SEO is merely one element of our foundation. As an agency that prides itself on giving our clients more than they expect, here is a small tutorial on how far we can take your business.

It Starts With Web Development

One of the first things we are going to establish is a web development plan. Depending on the type of business you are running and the niche you are in, we will design a website tailor made for your needs. It will look great, navigate with ease and it will respond to all the necessary mobile and desktop platforms. Consider it the base of your operation and most of the marketing strategies are going to draw attention to this base, and hopefully lead to high conversion rates.

In addition to designing the site, we will also add valuable content. With so many sites popping up on a daily basis, it’s not just enough to post good content that will captivate users. You are going to need the best content from the best writers if you want viral articles flooding social media pages. Great content is also mandatory for SEO purposes, given that keywords and phrases play such a huge role.

In other words, we will research the keywords, use the best writers available and post targeted content that will inspire online shoppers to support your business. But if you think this is where our services stop, think again.

When the site is completed and the content has been posted we start to use other SEO tactics, such as link building. The reason why SEO is such a strong focus is because ranking on the first page means more organic traffic, and everyone knows organic traffic has much better conversion rates.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising  is mostly a strategy used on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Choosing the right keywords are very important here, seeing as we’ll be bidding for ad space on search engine pages. It’s also important to stay within the budget and use specific keywords. The content we post on the site along with the design is going to support our bid for very influential space, which is why everything needs to be perfect.

Social Media Marketing

At this moment in time a business cannot afford to be without social media profiles. They are used to connect with clients on a more personal level and allow a quick way to spread information. As a full service digital marketing agency we will make sure that you’ll have these important profiles. With your active profile you are going to reach a lot more people a lot quicker than you think.

There is also the matter of YouTube marketing, which falls into the same category as social media. As video marketing continues to gradually change the world of advertising and YouTube’s determination to become the new television, we are already one step ahead.

With our services you’ll get a channel and the necessary exploitation to grow that channel. Unfortunately your videos will still be competing against a million others, but that is where our expertise come in handy. We won’t rest until your traffic is growing in significant numbers.

Conversion And Traffic Analysis

There is no need to get technical when it comes to conversion and traffic analysis, because it will only take up unnecessary space and bore you. All you need to know is that we use detailed reports to see what works and what doesn’t work. We also use these reports to build an effective digital marketing plan.

In business you want to know who your customers are and where they are coming from. More importantly, you want to know what motives them to spend money. With this information we are in a better position to run targeted campaigns. We will also be driving traffic to the site through various other means and popular social platforms.

The reason why Google is considered the online advertising king of the internet is mainly because they pay attention to user habits.

Lead Generation

If there is one thing that isn’t lacking on the internet, it’s noise. Websites have so many videos, banners and pop-ups these days that users are literally turning a blind eye. Lead generation is also the part of digital marketing that is constantly changing due to the variety of tactics in use.

Our job is to find effective ways to grab user attention. After grabbing user attention we lead them down a safe pipeline where the product or service can be pitched without all the noise. Most professionals will agree that this is one of the toughest elements to overcome, because users get tired of ending up in strange places by following fake links.

Our agency always welcomes a challenge and lead generation difficulties haven’t beaten us yet.


There is a certain power that comes with branding and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an individual that doesn’t take at least one brand personally. Whether it’s clothes, car or computers, it’s ultimately the brand of the business that seals the deal.

As you can expect from us, we’ll be handling your branding campaign as well. You need to make yourself unique in an ocean of competition and we are the ones to help you achieve that. We’ll give your customers a brand they can fall in love with and rely on.

Reputation Management

Then of course there is the dreaded reputation management that’s always biting at the back. If you take into consideration that about 80% of online shoppers search for reviews before they even think about buying anything, it’s crucial to keep your reputation healthy in the eyes of the public.

Once again, this is where our expertise shine trough. We’ll handle your reputation as if it’s our own, whether it’s on social media pages or customer review sites.

The Option Of Doing It Yourself

There are no rules that say you cannot attempt to master all of these services yourself. In fact, there are individuals who are trying at this very moment to understand the complexities and how they connect to each other. Unfortunately it’s going to require a lot of time and more than just enough energy.

Given that the internet is an entity that will never stop changing, you might want to consider investing in professionals like us. A tactic that worked two months ago might not be effective anymore, but will you be aware of this? More importantly, will you be able to spot the changes as they come? Search engine algorithms are always evolving and it affects everything else around it. Do you really want to be left in the dark?

The Point Of It All

We didn’t just list these services in order to provide clarity to all our potential clients in regards to what we do. We also wanted to elaborate why a good digital marketing agency is so much more than just SEO tactics.

When you decide to invest in our services you’ll be utilizing the expertise of people with great experience. You’ll be conversing with people who always stay on top of new trends and adapt where necessary. Your investment will be returned in so many ways that you won’t be able to count them.

You may have come across digital marketing companies that just specialize in SEO. We specialize in getting the job done for you; whatever that takes!

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